Citi PB or JPM AM?

This is my first post at WSO after being a spectator and admirer for a long time. Now that I have gotten an offer from a BB (Citi) in NYC for a SA position in the PB, I can finally ask my question and get some insight from you all.

So I got the offer for Summer '22 (a really good one, too) and I am currently in the process for recruiting with JPM in their AWM Division - specifically in Asset Management Products and wanted to know which opportunity is better and which will give me the better chances of staying and getting a return offer to stay FT out of the two. Also, I would like to know what the exit opps are like for both? Are they practically the same? Should I just accept Citi while I can?

Thanks in advance, people.

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May 5, 2021 - 11:43am

If Citi's PB is anything like JPM's or GS's PWM division, as long as you do decently well you should get a return offer. Not familiar with the products division, but in a PB there's not much room for exit opps, but is doable. The benefit of working with a PB is the exposure of different divisions with the bank, so those heads will know your name. Know a few people from GS PWM who transferred to GS IB, and others who went to different product divisions since they got so much exposure to them. Hope that helps a little, and hopefully others can chime in.

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