Commodity graduate program or Ops?

Got frustrated after spending 4 years at back office of an investment bank in Mumbai, i decided to revive my career through an MSc at a London based business school. Its not LBS....I want to be a physical commodity trader because i guess i am way pass the S&T route. And i like how physical commodity firms rotate their graduates and train them to takeover the trader role...and getting called for an interview despite not beign from an elite school is common. I wanted to know if going from Ops to trader is possible? Or will i be doing the same mistake again?

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  • Intern in Research - Other
Apr 9, 2021 - 4:18pm

There are very few commodity graduate programs out there and they are very competitive to get into. Within that, only a subset is explicitly grooming you to trade. Also being attracted to phys trading because it is the only one that will give you a call for an interview is not a terrific reason for putting your life on hold for over a year to have a chance at restarting at ops to have a chance at trading. That said, traders tend to come from an ops background in the physical space whereas at banks that path is much more closed off it seems although I have no experience on that front. Also if you do ops at a physical shop it is way more fun than backoffice stuff albeit more tense and stressful. Making a budget for some IT/accounting software purchases is way different from dealing with a vessel unloading during a port strike.

  • Managing Director in S&T - Other
Apr 10, 2021 - 10:50am

Commodity supercycle has started hiring is up but mainly originators and renewable growth for now. So would say you need to explore all options.

Focus on the grad programs mainly since they the feeders but should apply to all since limited seats. Ops in a london or singapore is going to be vastly different than your previous gig to start with. But till know what offers/desks/options you got cant say further, some place ops people more than others.

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