Consultant to banker - did I make the right choice?

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Hello all,

I am new to this board, and really glad that this resource exists. By way of introduction, I am a b-school student graduating in 2008, with a long term aim of private equity/hedge fund either in NY or Hong Kong. A bit of background:

(a) Pre-MBA: consultant in M/B/B for three years. Spent time in both USA and Asian offices.

(b) MBA: MBA at a top 5 school (not Harvard or Wharton) but one of those usually considered top 5. I will graduate in the top 5 or 10% of my class.

(c) Post MBA: I have an offer to go back to my old consulting firm; also have a couple of offers into the M & A groups of a couple of bulge bracket investment banks in New York (not GS or MS but nevertheless bulge bracket).

Should I go back to consulting or should I do ibanking to position myself for PE 2-3 years down the road?

I have also heard some remarks that I have missed the boat already because it is near impossible to move to PE if I do not have pre-MBA PE experience. How true is this? I am also trying for PE now but I'm not getting any headway because of the credit crunch.

Is M & A the right group to join for PE exit opps? How does M & A compare to industry groups, sponsors or lev fin?

Thanks all for the advice.