CRE Interview Office Acquisitions & Development Prep - No Prior Experience

Hi everybody,

I have an interview coming up with with an institutional commercial real estate firm primarily engaging in large office acquisitions as well as development across the nation. This role I'll be interviewing for will be for an entry level analyst. I currently work in Wealth Management performing mostly administrative work and have never professionally underwrote anything, although I do practice on my own. I have been trying to break into real estate for some time now and have primarily focused on multi-family. However this opportunity arose and this could be a big ticket into starting my career in real estate. This interviewer will grill me like an Investment Bank would from what I have heard . Can anybody shed any light as to how I can prepare well for this interview? 

Real Estate Modeling Course

  • Real-life RE Modeling Tests from actual Interviews
  • Various asset classes including multi-family, commercial and more
  • Huge discount - until more tests and cases added

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