Credit Analyst Offer

I've received an offer from a BB bank as Commercial Credit Analyst but, I'm debating to take this offer or stick around a bit longer around in my current firm and look for something better.

My current situation is that I'm currently working in small European bank in a corporate banking credit risk review and monitoring function. I've been in this position for around a year but, the bank is going through restructuring although its unlikely that I'll lose my job. I'm also finishing up my Masters in Finance part time. The pay the BB is offering is the same that I'm currently making now.

Would you guys take the offer in this case?

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Sep 30, 2017

My vote is to take it. Experience at a BB will be much greater, as will the lateral opportunities. Even if you had a higher offer from your current bank, I'd still take it for those same reasons. Given that you don't have any offer from them, it doesn't seem worth the gamble to stick around.

Oct 1, 2017