I'm trying to update my resume for some of the deals that I have worked on. They are strictly confidential.

I suppose I could do a general description of proposed deal value, a broad description of the players involved etc. without giving away anything. Do you guys think this would be good?

What is the best way to go about doing this? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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Its best to be discreet.

PM me and I can help you out. I had this problem as well. Forward me your resume as is with the info you were questionable about.

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lol yes, also forward me your resume as is with the questionable info on it. we'll talk.


the general industry, rough size, and what side you were on, and then focus on size.

For example:

Ongoing Sellside. Sole advisor to a $10bn widget manufacturer.


I have this same problem also. Would anyone be willing to look at my resume to see if it fits standards?


seriously, send it to me and ill give constructive advice

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