Data Scientist looking to move into Investment Banking, what challenges can i expect? Low GPA Auto Ding?

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Hey everyone. Long time lurker first time poster

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A few things about me, I graduated last year from I am now currently employed as a data scientist at an analytics firm( think cambridge analytica but with more morals), I've spent six months within this role and I've started to not enjoy it as much so I'm looking to move into an industry which I believe I will be more passionate within, such as finance.

My degree is a double major in applied maths and economics. I have great EC, great volunteer work, interest, hobbies etc, as well as a full time job with a pretty sick title.


During university i barely went to classes and as such have pretty low/average grades. I was applying for some analyst positions tonight and noticed that they were asking me to fill out my grades as well as supply a copy of my transcript. My transcript has a couple fails for classes I didn't attend as well as classes that I withdrew with academic penalty. So it looks pretty shitty.

When I got my previous job, I received it on the merit of hobby work I've done related to Bayesian inference, machine learning, algorithm development etc.

Will my low gpa auto ding me? or will the rest of my resume be reviewed at least? I know I could land at least a few interviews based on my current job + ECs if my grades dont' auto cut me.

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Oct 12, 2018

Not sure if your current job is good enough to be frank. There are so many applicants with business jobs (audit,TAS, big 4 accounting, consulting) that are more relevant to IB and those people have good to high GPAs that I don't think your work experience (of 6 months only mind you) will cut it.

I'd work for a couple years get into the best MBA you can and try. Not saying it isn't possible and I'm sure there are people here and there that have broken through but just doesn't seem to be feasible.

Unless of course...your EC happen to be something along the lines of a noble prize

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Oct 12, 2018

You don't think for even basic graduate positions? I've only been out of university for a year.
My only concern is getting auto dinged by a bot.

My current job I want it to reflect my potential and that I will have the capability of developing quick within finance.

Oct 12, 2018

"You don't think for even basic graduate positions? I've only been out of university for a year.
My only concern is getting auto dinged by a bot."

Yes even for "basic" graduate positions you aren't qualified enough. Bots won't ding you, analysts/associates will

Oct 12, 2018

Understood. I think I will reevaluate. I only asked cause Citi bank was looking for analysts from any background so I thought I would apply.

Oct 12, 2018