Deloitte S&O Business Analyst Interview (Undergraduate)

I got an interview with Deloitte S&O for a full-time Business Analyst position and I have about a week to prepare. This was kind of unexpected and I am not very familiar with case interviews, so I thought I would ask for some pieces of insight that in this forum.

A little bit of background:
-I am an undergraduate graduating in December
-They will have two in-person interviews in total since they are recruiting on-campus.
-First round: 30 min case/ 30min behavioral
-Final round: 1hour case


1) Are the case questions for Deloitte mainly verbal or written?

2) What would be the difficult behavioral questions they can ask that I should be prepared for?

3) I was also paired with a senior consultant at Deloitte to get help in preparing as well as a mock case interview via phone. While I would like to take best advantage of this opportunity, I want to see if you guys have any suggestions on questions that I should ask him which I could utilize in actual interviews.

4) I heard a lot of people talking about Case in Point, so I think I am going to take a look at it. Any other sources of practice?

5) Anything else that you would like to share?

Thanks a lot for reading this, and I would really appreciate any input!

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Oct 8, 2011 - 11:15am

Did a S&O 1st round recently.
1. Mine was verbal.
2. Are you prepared for the consulting lifestyle and traveling frequently to [random city name]? They will definitely press on why deloitte so make sure you have a few solid reasons.
3. Ask him about the specific office you are applying to. Understand what the major industries/functions/flagship clients the office serves.
4.; I really like WSO's consulting guide. (I have no incentive to say that other than the fact I feel WSO's cases are the most similar to real case interviews I've had)
5. Go out to the pre-interview event and network. Fit is huge (@ Deloitte and every consulting firm). Also, your interviewers even at the 1st round will be quite senior. Think manager/partner.

Oct 8, 2011 - 11:11pm

I have a graduate interview with Deloitte. I've applied for Business Valuation and Corp Finance.

The study guide on WSO seems more S&O related and less business valuation/corp finance related. What would be the best advice for prepping for the interview? Generic consulting problems, or valuation/ corp finance type questions?

Thanks for the help.

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Oct 10, 2011 - 5:36am

Deloitte Business Analyst Program (Originally Posted: 03/09/2013)

Could anyone shed some light on the Deloitte BA summer internship? I have a first round interview for this internship position this upcoming Thursday and don't know much about it. Besides Deloitte's own website, there doesn't seem to be a lot of information about the program. What would the interns actually do? What should I expect in the interview? Thanks in advance.

Oct 10, 2011 - 5:39am

The program last 10 weeks and this year will start in early June. You have multiple training sessions (national trainings and home office trainings). You're placed on a project that's typically low-burn or mid-burn working 40-55 hours a week. Expect to travel weekly, fly out on Monday, fly back Thursday. In terms of what interns do, they work as a typical BA. I know of some that were doing financial models, others were doing research and reporting findings to superiors on their team, making decks, etc. They do their best to expose you various partners, and in an office like NY, you'll most likely be expected to go to the office on Fridays.

Interviews vary. Typical case interview that I've heard isn't too too tough; still challenging, but something you can manage if you prepare yourself adequately. If you have any other specific questions, let me know!

Oct 10, 2011 - 5:42am

Deloitte S&O Lateral Interview - Pointers on how the the Process works (Originally Posted: 08/24/2015)


I have a first round interview call from Deloitte S&O this coming week. The HR has scheduled a 30 mins session to kick-off the process.

Does anyone on the community have any experience with lateral recruitment forDeloitte S&O? Will be great if people can help answer the following questions:

1) Approximate number of rounds
2) Type of cases given
3) Numebr of interviews
4) Expected questions

About me: 3rd Year analyst working for an internal consulting group at a BB in New York. Interested in the Capital Markets Practise of Deloitte which is part of a broader financial services group. Referred to Deloitte by a Principle (Capital Markets) in New York.

Oct 10, 2011 - 5:43am

Hi there,

I recently lateraled from a boutique firm as a 'Consultant'. To provide a little detail, please see below.

1) Approximate number of rounds: 3.
- Introduction with HR (Walk me through your resume / why Deloitte / etc.)
- Behavioral with a Manager or Senior Manager (Why specific service line? / Tell me about a time / etc.)
- Final round - typically 3 interviews with a Partner, Sr. Manager, Manager (Case Interview - more below / 2 Behaviorals)
2) Type of cases given
- Typically 1 or 2, completely dependent on the group you are joining
3) Number of interviews: see above
4) Expected questions:
- Why Deloitte?
- Why are you looking to leave your current employer?
- Behavioral / Situational revolving around integrity, previous experience, etc.

In general, it is pretty laid back, sans the upper level management interviews. Let me know if you have any additional questions!

Oct 10, 2011 - 5:44am

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