Diversity of Thoughts, People in UT Austin McCombs Programs

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Would love input from UT Austin McCombs alumnus & BHP students. Most students, 80% (shttps://texadmissions.com/blog/ut-business-honors-...) students in BHP are students from TX and see that they are all from similar background - academics and Extracurricular activities are also academic (what I see College Confidential).
Wondering how good the academic experience will be if there is NOT the diversity that you see in U of M, Wharton or NYU where students are many different states? Especially for a Management degree where it is important for students to be exposed to diverse ideas, opinions, interests, people etc., does that not affect the ho
Is this the reason why McCombs graduates - including BHP are not sought after in East or West Coast or even for that matter in Chicago?
Appreciate all your thoughts ...especially from people in all areas of Finance & Consulting. Thanks.

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Dec 4, 2018

Probably erased few words -- does that not affect the quality of learning and also, how they are perceived by the top companies around the country.

Dec 4, 2018