Do you stop networking once you have a full-time offer?

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Need some advice regarding networking with professionals in private equity and hedge funds. I interned at a top BB and will be returning as a full-time analyst in IB. Given this, is it still alright for me to make cold-calls to random PE professionals and HF analysts to talk about their career paths even though I have not even started my job. Am I too eager or will it be well received? As context, I go to a super non-target which places very few people in IB in general much less anything beyond that.

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Apr 21, 2017

Eager Beaver. Right idea, just wait until you start working and then you'll have something to talk to them about when they inevitably ask you, so what are you working on? There is so much jargon, we all forget that we are using it. Once you've been working awhile, seen a few deals, and mingled with senior people you'll be better able to really understand them and the choices that they made. Plus, you are looking for a potential contact. If you want to just do straight Q&A, that is what this site is for - so ask the basic level questions here.

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Apr 21, 2017

Don't initiate new networking right now, but if old contacts want to know how it's going and everything, (or even if they don't but they did something that helped you land this job) let them know.

I'm a very conservative networker as a quant. But sometimes the right email can help.

Seven years ago, I was applying to grad school and applying for an internal transfer at my firm at the same time. I made the cut for interviews at grad school, but didn't get accepted. At the same time, I got hired for the internal transfer. And during the internal transfer interviews, the grad school final round interview came up, and it might have helped.

So I emailed my interviewer, thanked her for her time in the process, and noted that I got promoted to S&T internally-- and the fact that I was a final round candidate at her school really helped in the process.

Two years later I reapplied, interviewed with the same lady, and got accepted.

So here is the point-- say you interviewed with maybe AQR or Blackstone and maybe really wanted a job there but wound up at Morgan Stanley instead. Let your favorite interviewer or two there know where you landed, especially if the interview helped you land somewhere else.

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Apr 24, 2017

The more organic it feels, the better of a connection it is.

Jesus that sounded weird. But you get the idea.

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Apr 24, 2017

@ModelzNBotelz, yes and no. When I lateraled from a "no-name" boutique to a MM, I sent out some networking emails right after accepting my offer. The analysts all replied and were willing to get on the phone with me for a bit. I asked them some questions, asked about their time there, and then left it at that. I think what I did is more than acceptable and sends a positive message. But, leave it at that. Don't be the guy who contacts them once a week or who has a never-ending list of questions. You're a professional now.

I hope that helps. Good luck.

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Apr 24, 2017

Always be networking, analysts get laid off and the stint is usually only 2 years. Developing these relationships helps when it comes time to recruit for PE/HF/VC.

Apr 24, 2017

networking is a full time job!

Apr 24, 2017

It's not quite as normal. As an intern, you're encouraged to explore to figure out what the job is really about and whether it's for your or not. During full time, the job comes first.

With regard to some of the scenarios you brought up, don't go to lunch with people from other banks if you're only intention is to network. You won't have time (analysts eat at their desks typically) and it will not look good if you're having lunch away from your desk to network with other banks.

Moreover, why would you need to network with other banks/internally during fulltime? The primary reason would be you're looking for a switch, but in that case, best to be discreet.

Apr 24, 2017

(It seems like you're asking "should I act like a human being once I get the job?".)

Apr 24, 2017

you should meet with all the females in the office - nice to have some hookup potentials in place for once you start and occasionally need some daytime action if you know what i mean

Apr 24, 2017