Does anyone feel that they are too competitive and proud of their accomplishments to have kids?

I've devoted a large portion of my life to finance and am incredibly proud of my accomplishments, even though I never got close to making it into a Bulge Bracket bank. If I had a kid who took up finance, I
don't think I could stand seeing him beat my college GPA and spreading comps faster than I can. I no longer practice finance seriously, but I still have that desire to win and be the best. It's like a conflict of interest to train my kid to be better than me (even for non-finance things), akin to training the rival college's seniors trying to get into banking. It would also fill me with doubt. What if I trained harder or smarter? Should I have pushed through that minor injury and continued to practice levering the beta? Why didn't I interview better? If I did all that, would I have gotten a job at the same bank as my kid? All of that time and effort to get my bonuses, promotions, and peer recognition would feel at least partially wasted.

The same thing goes for all the other non-finance things in life, even those that will almost certainly become meaningless well before you hit middle age (such as SAT scores). What if I studied more or prepared better for that midterm/talent show/other school event? Would my life have been much better?

Now I know that life is not all about competition, but kids don't make the non-competitive things better either. I don't want to be tied down or interrupted when I want to relax and rip hella dabs or do something more adventurous like hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

Is it just me, or does anyone else here feel the same way?

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Mar 29, 2019