Door to Door ruining my resume?

Hey guys, I'm currently a rising sophomore in a well known Canadian university and I started looking for summer opportunities pretty late. I applied to several firms but they all told me that they do not hire first years and that I should apply for the position next year (Especially since I don't have work experience). Anyways that left me with three options
1. Work in places where most college students work in (Retail, sbux, etc.)
2. Do nothing this summer and learn new things (My parents won't let me volunteer abroad)
3. Work in a well known national telecommunications company (But here's the catch, as a door to door salesman)

A couple of weeks later I could not think clearly and because of desperation and with deadlines approaching (The places I got hired at needed me to reply) I made the decision to work as a door to door salesman.
I've been working for a week and I've got to say its not so bad as I thought is was (not a scam, I'm actually working for the company) and the pay is pretty standard hourly (with the exception of added income via commission) but I'm really unsure of whether this was the right decision for me.

What do you guys think, will having door to door experience in my resume be detrimental for my application when I apply for summer internships in S&T at BB Banks? Should I have kept it safe and worked retail instead?

I need your help and opinions guys. Much appreciated.

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May 16, 2016

Door to Door Sales > Cashier, especially if you're at one of the big three telcos. Those are decent brand names to be working for, retail/cashier is not.

I did something similar, but a little more entrepreneurial. You can definitely spin it as something requiring good communication skills, initiative, and work ethic. I had a few funny stories about different pitches I made I told to interviewers who seemed friendly and got some laughs out of it.

I would also try to learn stuff on the side at the same time though ie. Learn to code, put your code on a blog where you explain how it works, start with programming a black scholes calculator in VBA or something and work your way to more difficult things. This is very applicable to S&T. You could include a line related to this on your resume. If anyone presses you on the work xp, you can bring this up, saying that you knew you wanted to do S&T so you've literally been prepping for a year.

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May 17, 2016

Certainly better than the cold calling I did one summer. It shows you have a tick skin. Keep it up.

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May 17, 2016


May 21, 2016