Drop a class for a structured finance internship?

I got a call on friday from the head of HR at a small firm, she goes on to tell me that they would like to hire 1 intern for fall/winter in their structured finance group. They basically creat ABS' from big assets such as mining equipment, oil rigs, freight ships, etc. (I didnt know securitization went this far).

The issue:
My schedule doesn't match the hours she would like me to work, I'm taking 17 credits this semester and could drop a statistics class, though I wouldn't like to do that I think the experience would look nice on my resume come the spring.

I'm a freshman and did an internship at BAML GWM over the summer, that's the only finance related experience I have and would like to start filling up that resume to land something IBD next year.

Should I drop the class and take the internship? or should I pass it up and stay in the statistics class?