EB vs BB vs PE: Pathway to Business School

This forum has been extremely helpful with career transition advice, especially within the finance industry. But, I would like to hear more perspective on opportunities for people that don't see themselves in banking for the long-run.

Specifically, if we were to take an above average analyst/associate from an EB (Evercore, Lazard, CVP), a BB (GS, MS, JPM), and a PE firm (KKR, Apollo), which candidate would have the best chance at a top business school (for career transitions)? Also, who would have the most relevant experience for fields like entrepreneurship or VC?

I'll be in banking soon, but I think my career goals differ from the traditional IB->PE poster. Any perspective from people who have been in a similar situation or represent one of the theoretical finance individuals stated would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Jul 9, 2018

Think you'd have a good shot with either, but the candidate with PE experience would probably have an advantage. Not that it's entirely logical, but it's not hard to imagine admissions swinging that way given how much more competitive PE is, not to mention the other potential pluses like having another brand name on your resume, more varied work experience, etc.

Jul 11, 2018