Economic Consulting Internship --> MBB?

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So here is my situation:

Econ major at a borderline target school (top 15 US News), great gpa (3.98) but no business experience on the resume. Looking for summer internships. Got an offer at a top economic consulting firm and am in the final round of at one of MBB and a boutique in DC. Didn't even get first round at other 2 of MBB or even at Deloitte and Oliver Wyman. I think this is due to my lack business experience, not sure what else it could be.

1) If MBB doesn't work out, will an summer at an econ consulting firm be enough to get interviews for full-time MBB?

2) Will going full-time into economic consulting then getting a MBA at a top school be enough to get interviews/consideration from MBB after b-school?

3) Finally, at econ consulting firms, is it possible to get MBA and come back, or do they push you towards PHD if you want to come back?

Also looking for any advice on what I can to prep for a summer internship at either MBB or economic consulting.


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Feb 26, 2011

keep up gpa, do some relevant ECs, and you should get interviews from all 3 MBBs next year for full-time. they interview a lot more people for full-time than summer internships.

Feb 26, 2011

You'll definitely get interviews either way. I would, however, take a job at a reputable boutique strategy firm before considering economic consulting. The work you do is not the same and having experience in strategy/management consulting will definitely serve you well in both getting and acing the interviews when FT comes.

And the majority of senior people at econ consulting firms have Phds. MBAs are in the minority.

Feb 26, 2011