Elite Boutique post-grad 6-month internship Asia/Europe

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I am very close to getting an offer at an elite boutique (Lazard, Centerview, Moelis, Evercore) for a 6-month post-grad internship in Asia/Europe, with the possibility of getting a FT offer upon completion of the internship. I am a graduating senior in the US. While i am open to staying in that specific country where the internship is, I would also like to have the opportunity to move back here in the US, just in case.

Has anyone had experience with these types of internships? How hard would it be for me to find a Analyst job at a respectable MM or boutique, MM PE, or corp. dev in the U.S. after just 6months at an elite boutique in another country? Would greatly appreciate any advice.

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Jan 31,2012

wtf. I don't think any of the names you mention pull this shit, at least not in NYC or London. Although Moelis is so random you never know. I have no idea about Asia.

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Jan 31,2012

Wtf, dude did you even read his post? He clearly said its outside the US

Op, depends on your other options. I probably wouldn't turn down a FT offer (e.g. from a no-name boutique) for this internship if your goal is to go back to the US asap, but if you don't really have anything else relevant lined up, you should definitely go for it!

Jan 31,2012

I've done a 6-month internship in one of the boutiques mentioned above, feel free to send me a PM

Jan 31,2012