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I've been getting some mixed signals and wanted to see if any one on here might have some clarifying feedback for me.

I currently work at a PE fund, and plan to apply for b-school this fall for the '08 semester. I've heard from a number of associates that I should hire an essay coach to help out with writing the application essays. However, in my previous job at M/B/B I had been told that people rarely hire essay coaches, and that the coaches aren't particularly helpful. While the cost of an essay coach isn't astronomical ($2-3K), particularly when compared to b-school tuition, it seemed odd to me that I'd be getting conflicting advice on the subject. Not sure if the context is helpful, but my plan is to apply at HBS, Stanford and Wharton.

Any input regarding the relative value (or lack thereof) for these essay coaches would be greatly appreciated.

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Jul 15, 2007 - 5:29am

Thanks but I had thought about it, which is why I was soliciting advice from someone who had already applied from a similar background. I "get" the underlying idea that people are relatively good at the subjects they choose to major in.

Pretty sure there are only a handful of actual, and not prospective, monkeys left on this site though...

Jul 15, 2007 - 10:40am

My personal belief is that you should write your own essays. There is a lot of writing involved in b-school (I'm guessing here, but come on...) and therefore your writing skills are important. If you apply with essays that are not 100% your own and get in, you run the risk of being under-qualified. B-School is more than just where you attend, you must perform well.

I know this is probably not the response you were looking for but it is one way to look at the process.


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