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Does anybody know of good public data sets or practice excel files that I can use to practice some formulas for an excel test that I will have at an upcoming interview? I don't use a lot of the more advanced functions at my current job (vlookups, index match, pivot tables, etc.) Just looking for a way to perfect my skills before my interview.


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May 17, 2016 - 2:53pm

Looking for Excel Data Mgmt Tests/Material for Practice (Originally Posted: 01/30/2018)


If anyone has any case studies or any material regarding data mgmt for large amounts of data that would be great to run through on my own for practice. For example, having a large set of data, cleaning it up using different functions, then interpreting it through pivot tables to essentially create a dashboard (any other functions that would be helpful too). If you need me to elaborate I can do that too in case you're confused.

It won't be super difficult but better to be over prepared in my opinion. I'm trying to prep for an interview so I'd really appreciate it, thanks.

May 17, 2016 - 2:54pm

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