Excel test ("30 mins max") included in final interview


Upcoming Monday I will have my second and last interview at a large real estate company. The job title describes the job as a Junior Treasury Analyst, but it basically comes down to the following:

  • contact with banks for communication regarding various topics, such as covenants
  • cash management and analysis
  • reporting
  • making and checking payments

I had an interview this week with two different members of the team and now I am the last candidate. However, this Monday I will have a phone call with their overseas headquarters (in the US, I'm from Europe) and I have been told it will include an Excel test beforehand as well. The recruiter, who is not part of the company but obviously has a lot of contact with them, told me it should not be too heavy and that it is more focused on looking how I work with data. However, I definitely don't want to underestimate this test and therefore I want to practise for this as much as possible in the coming few days. I have taken all Beginner and Immediate lessons at Excel Exposure, which offers great free lessons.

This includes pivot tables and some formulas such as VLOOKUP, but I was wondering whether you guys could recommend me other things I should practice. There's not going to be macros or VBA or anything like that, but I think that in a junior treasury function within a competitive S&P500 company they have some level of expectations. Any tips would be much appreciated. Maybe some free/cheap exams that require you to make use of pivot tables and such intermediate formulas, so that I can practise using them.

Kind regards,

Jeffrey Bloemen

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Sep 8, 2017