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Hi Folks,

This is a link to join an exclusive slack channel for hedge funds. Use this link below to join the group.


Hedge Fund Interview Course

  • 814 questions across 165 hedge funds. Crowdsourced from over 500,000 members.
  • 11 Detailed Sample Pitches and 10+ hours of video.
  • Trusted by over 1,000 aspiring hedge fund professionals just like you.

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Jan 7, 2019

Hey Lamushi, I'm the WSO Monkey Bot...do any of these help:

  • Hedge Fund Careers: Getting a Hedge Fund Job Out of Undergrad and Beyond the optimal career trajectory for so many. Hedge Fund Lifestyle and Wages The job rests significantly ... getting a hedge fund job. You can start searching for internships as soon as the summer after freshman ... you are blasting out emails that will be noticed and looked poorly upon. Recruiting for Hedge Funds ...
  • Transition from Big 4 Public Accounting to Hedge Fund or Private Equity I currently work in a tax group at a big 4 firm. I am looking to transition to a hedge fund or ... very small, exclusive transaction services groups, which are difficult to break into because attrition ... during busy season. Recommended Reading Networking Into A Hedge Fund? It's Unstructured Private ...
  • Hedge Fund Reinsurance: Why hedge funds care about (re)insurance boxes for hedge funds. How does it work? It is actually surprisingly simple. The reinsurance company ... another topic in the insurance universe: hedge fund backed reinsurers. What does a hedge fund have to do ... with reinsurance? The hedge fund industry has developed over the past few years, and fund managers are ...
  • Salary: Hedge Fund vs Fund of Hedge Funds (FoF/FoHF) For entry level and senior levels? I'm currently a summer intern at a FoHF ($6.3b AUM) with ... a HF arm ($1.5b) but I can't really ask the people around me what their comps are. The HF guys are ... of your lambo?" kind of jokes from the FoF guys so to me it looks like HF > FoHF at partner ...
  • Is it better to start in a BB Asset management Firm or Hedge Fund as a graduate? Goal is Hedge fund partner. it's harder to move up the chain if you start at the bottom of a hedge fund than if you start at a BB ... firm then transfer into a hedge fund. Is this true? In terms of training and career development is it ... JP Morgan Chase, and also an internship at Man Group. I've read reviews online that state ...
  • Top Hedge Funds: Analyst Compensation Analyst Pay Total average compensation for hedge fund analyst's is 152k. The average base being 98k ... compensation for analysts at top hedge funds. We'll be providing information on D.E. Shaw, Citadel, ... Hedge Fund Research. Therefore, the following funds are not only large but also accomplished. For more ...
  • Industry Outlook: Crypto Hedge Funds Other common names for this space include Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds, Blockchain Hedge Funds, and ... 2018, despite being in a bear market for most of the year. In 2017, there was a total of 735 hedge fund ... crptofundresearch.com for trends on all cryptocurrency funds (hedge funds, venture
  • More suggestions...

Fingers crossed that one of those helps you.

Jan 16, 2019

The link will expire in 20 days.


Jan 16, 2019

Link expiring in 10 days.


Jan 16, 2019