Exit Ops: BB Portfolio -> CFA L2 -> CRA TMT -> ?

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I am reevaluating my career path, any input and advice would be appreciated.

How are the exit opportunities for a CFA level 3 candidate working in corporate credit ratings at a CRA for the TMT industry (masters/MBA position with client and c-suite interaction)? Prior to this, I worked a few years at a BB in a portfolio monitoring role (financial analysis and internal credit ratings for a leveraged product group).

Interested in asset management in tech/media or corporate finance roles at tech/media firms.

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Sep 19, 2018

i previously worked as a buy side research analyst. i definitely saw guys on the buy side who were previously at CRAs. you gotta network and cast your net wide. buy side research roles have low turnover so openings are scarce.

now i work in corporate finance/corporate development. depending on how strong your modeling skills are, you could make a transition here. there arent a lot of guys working in corporate development who come from CRAs. however, i think that is because many dont think/try to exit here. the likelihood of landing at a F500 is unlikely - these teams will generally be ex-IB or consultant guys. however, you could target ~$1b revenue size companies looking to do bolt ons who have less of a structured hiring process and possibly network your way into a CD role.

Sep 19, 2018