F200 FP&A vs Big 4 Analyst ( Audit Advisory Finance)?


I am planning on applying for MBA admissions next year (most likely) and want to get thoughts on which experience will look better. I currently work for a well known Pharma/lifescience company in a corporate accounting role with prior experience in different departments (credit analyst & FA). I have had strong career progression in my current company but have been considering lately if I should switch once prior to my MBA. Would my profile be more attractive if I were to transition into Big 4 advisory (Deloitte / PwC) if my post MBA goal is to work in strategy consulting? I know generally Audit is not looked upon in the most favourable light but how is Audit Advisory - Finance perceived in comparison? Thanks in advance!

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Mar 29, 2017

Idk I'd pick FP&A because audit is fucking boring. Not to mention the pay is relatively the same and probably lighter hours with FP&A.

Mar 31, 2017

Yea that's what I am thinking too since my compensation is already higher than my big 4 counter-parts. I just figured since it would be the Advisory line, that maybe it would be slightly better pre-MBA experience but it seems they are quite comparable.