Falcon Edge - quantitative interview test?

Hi guys:

Does anyone know about Falcon Edge Capital Management and can share some words on team and culture (I already read all things available on Google and understand that the team is very well pedigreed). 

They seem to have a quantitative test for interview - does anyone know what types of questions to expect? Like market sizing or matching graphic patterns etc?


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Dec 21, 2020 - 9:30am

they give people the thurstone test of mental alertness. it's kind of a random test tbh and not really possible to prepare. 

i interviewed there and the primary purpose of the interview is to collect write ups / fish for ideas etc

they'll give you some seemingly difficult technical questions (wow!! how selective!!) but most likely you'll just hear from the headhunter what the questions are ahead of time ... i ask a friend who interviewed there a year prior to when i interviewed there and the questions were still the same lol. how they could be as retarded as to not realize people know their questions is beyond me.

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