Family Office Introductions-how hard is it?

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Has anyone had good/bad experiences trying to get capital, fund raise, or access family offices for investments? I was curious to see if anyone on here has had luck and what their experience has been? Family offices can be very difficult to get information on. (list of family offices here) One of the most difficult FO's to contact is Cascade Investments i.e. Bill Gates Family Office, extremely difficult to get emails to them. I have covered a lot of the family office landscape over the years but this one is the most difficult. The other firm that I couldn't gain entry was Ensign Peak Partners/Advisors- this is the firm that oversees all the Mormon money in Utah. You basically have to be a Mormon to get an introduction or through the front door. Anyone else have experience or difficulty getting traction with certain firms?

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Jul 12, 2017

It's all about who you know

Jul 12, 2017

That's for sure. It's also what you have available for an investment opportunity. What's been your experience with family offices?

Jul 12, 2017