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Hello fellow chimps- After seeing the other thread on WSO for interest in family office lists, I've compiled a number of family office databases which I'm willing to offer to those in need of a good list. I worked in a fundraiser/investor relations role for a few VC/PE/HF funds and have switched roles recently (I'm on the other side of the fence allocating now!). If you're looking to raise capital for a fund or begin networking with family offices contacts, then I'm happy to send over the list for you to view. I will send over the entire list, however will remove the contact emails/phone numbers. I will add a few profiles with full contact info so you can verify some of the information. To date, I have roughly 1820 names on the list, making up single & multi family offices along with wealth advisory firms (RIAs). I will be asking a small fee for the names, as this list took me several years to put together. (family office database here)

**Disclaimer: ** Why I'm doing this- I had a lot of fun raising capital in my previous roles, however, getting access to family offices was one of the most difficult, expensive, and confusing tasks of my job. Anyone who has ever gone through the process of obtaining a Family Office database knows exactly what I'm talking about! Since I'm not fundraising anymore, I'm offering this list to help others in a transparent fashion. In any event, Please PM me or send me your email if you are interested in the list or looking for certain names as I'm happy to help out, share, and steer those in the right direction for family office contacts. Thank you

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