Farewell Steve Jobs-inspired self-help books!

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I caught wind that the iPhone wasn't a stroke of genius after all...

What will I do with my stack of biographies-functioning-as-self-help-books on Steve Jobs now!?? Everything I know has been a lie!

There was no inspiration behind the iPhone after all... just a lot of hissy fitting. Okay I lied there may have been some inspiration, I have no idea what was going on in Jobs's head at the time but at any rate--Steve Jobs hated some dude in his social circle who worked at Microsoft (not Bill Gates).

"Anytime he had any kind of social interaction with that guy, he'd come back pissed off,"

When said dude was bragging about MSFT's Tablet PC at the time, Jobs got really fired up after the party was over.

When Jobs returned to the office on Monday, he let out "a set of expletives," ...

"First thing is, they're idiots. You don't use a stylus," Jobs said, according to Forstall. People lose them, Jobs said, and they were counterintuitive anyway. "We're born with 10 styluses!"

Later he noticed that his employees were really bored on their phones (who wouldn't be after playing Tetris on a tiny ass D-pad for the tenth time). Suddenly he thought, "what if a multitouch project could be shrunk to the size of a phone (...with 10 styluses...)???" -- Project Purple, later to be the iPhone, was born.

Okay so perhaps there was some inspiration after all. Phew. I guess I won't be needing to put new book items on Amazon after all.

I'd like to ask you all,
1. Is the smartphone one of the greatest inventions of all time? If not, for what reasons?
2. Is Apple one of the best tech investments someone can make? With $250b in the bank... I doubt they're going to find themselves in hot water any time soon... at all. Holy hell Apple might even out live me.
3. In Asia, there's a recent rise in new smartphone brands being developed. Do you foresee a storm coming in the smartphone market and how much of a bloodbath could things become between the tech giants and newer companies?

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Jun 23, 2017