Finance/Consulting Roles for Pre-Med Students?

I was recently approached by a friend who is interested in getting into a finance/consulting role, but is currently a pre-med student a respected Canadian university. He's a sophomore currently rethinking his plans for after graduation since he doesn't want to go to med school, and is interested in working in the healthcare/life sciences/biotech industry, but on the managerial or financial side (either in the U.S. or Canada). He has good stats (good GPA, undergrad, etc.), but has just now decided he wants to pursue this path when most of the internships for sophomores have closed, and has an unrelated major at a big university where it's harder to get access to recruiting resources if you aren't at their business school.

Is there anyone here who made it into a finance/consulting role with a pre-med background out of undergrad? Of course I gave him some tips and resources, but I don't know if anyone who went through recruiting with a non-business major has any better advice on how to handle recruiting for that specific industry. Also, I know I'm being vague by saying finance/consulting, but he's generally interested in getting exposure to healthcare/life sciences/biotech in something like corpfin or consulting, so the industry is specific but the role can be a little vague. I really appreciate any input you guys have!


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Dec 30, 2019 - 11:48pm

I was at a similar point a few years ago and would highly reccomend he not go that route. An overwhelming majority of managerial roles at any health/science related firm is held by MDs/PHDs. If your friend wants to go to med school after a few years of work he could try to work for HC IB or hc consulting.

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