Fixed Income Sales - What Group to pick - General Question


I am thinking of breaking into sales position within the bank I am currently working at. I have spent a year after b-school on fixed income liability-side structuring desk, a job which I did not enjoy at all (hated) - fixed income people who know what 'liability-side" structurers do will understand me very well.

Anyway, my question about fixed income sales is as follows - on what sales desk will my analytical skills / knowledge of financial products will be tested the most? In other words, on which desk will my ability to retain clients depend the most on my understanding of the product and my ability to suggest investment/trade ideas for the clients? My preconception of what good FI sales people are may be glorified but I think a good sales person should think from perspective of the fund manager in order to be able to put forward the most original trade ideas. Let me know if this is total crap or not.

I know that being a sales person has a lot of upside (in terms of earnings potential) but I don't want to be in position where my success as a salesperson is dependent more on my ability to schmooze and execute client orders faster than others.

I will appreciate any advice anyone can offer.