For jobs that say 2 years of experience required, are you qualified to apply if you've worked 1 year 6 months? help?

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Not saying I work in IBD, but if you're scared you're going to get booted after 2 years from your bank in IBD because you're not sure you're going to get promoted/extended beyond the 2 years, how do you deal with this? Do you start networking for jobs that require 2 years of experience after 1.5 years of IBD experience? Do you start earlier? Are you qualified for those jobs? Only reason I ask is that isn't it better to get a new job after your 1.5 year IBD stint rather than find out you weren't promoted after 2 years and get unemployed AND THEN try to find a job

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Sep 2, 2017

My first job out of college wanted 2-3 years experience.

The most recent job I interviewed for had "Must have 2 years of XXXX Experience" in bold.

I have about 1.25 years of XXX experience and the final round interview is this week.


Sep 2, 2017

So your saying it's fine to network for jobs that want 2 years of experience even though you may only have 1.5 so far?

Sep 2, 2017



Sep 3, 2017

Unless it is a management position, just apply. If you can hit the majority of the must 'haves' then go for it.

Sep 14, 2017