For those who read the book "The Murder of Lehman Brothers"

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For those who read the book "The Murder of Lehman Brothers", anybody has any idea who "Joseph Tibman" really is?

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Feb 9, 2010

According to his linked in:

I actually worked at Lehman for about two decades in a variety of positions. I was long a senior banker. At Lehman, a senior banker was an SVP or Managing Director. I quickly rose to the SVP level within my first five years at the firm. My book, "The Murder of Lehman Brothers, An Insider's Guide to the Global Meltdown, tells the story as it can only be told by a veteran For those of us who were at Lehman before it emerged from American Express as an independent and lived through the 9/11 Lehman experience, a game changer for the firm, Lehman's death was an especially crushing blow. The book is in my own words without the assistance of a professional co-author. In short, this will be the only Lehman book straight from the horse's mouth. It will be released in September, but can pre-ordered now from online booksellers.

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Feb 9, 2010

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