GS IBD India - Best Industry Coverage?

Hey everyone, first post here on WSO.

I'll be joining GS IBD team here in Bengaluru, India, likely in the M&A division. Wanted to know the best industry coverage group there.

Now, from what I could gather from multiple discussions here is that GS' TMT coverage is regarded the best by many. However, after talks with multiple folks (mostly 1st and 2nd-year analysts) from my office, I learnt that it's actually the chill-est division in the office. Now what this means is that while in terms of hours, it's the most relaxed, but the chances of a convert to a front office in London (or any other region for that matter) gets reduced drastically. So much so that they may not send a single analyst there.

I understand we do not have too many Indians here on the forum, but I feel this can be answered by any GS IBD employee who has worked with the Indian team anytime in their stint. Any help in this regard would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Note: I do not have any preference as such, however, any group which offers me the greatest chance to move to a front office, will be of top priority.

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  • Intern in IB - Ind
May 14, 2021 - 12:58pm

Congrats man--the team that is the best to join in Bangalore is probably different than the one in NYC or London. The team that gives you closest exposure to FO is probably going to be the most impact for your career imo

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