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For a person with quantitative experience and interest coming from systematic hedge funds, would it be a good move to go into GSMB? My current and previous jobs have been a mixture of mathematics, statistics, programming and market knowledge. I'm equally balanced equally amongst all 4. That is, you'll find a better mathematician, a better statistician and a better programmer and a better trader but I'll press you hard to find a person who has all 4 at my level.

If I were to move from the current hedge fund where I work to GS, I feel GS securities or GS risk (market risk) would make more sense. What is GSMB? Looks like GS private equity arm. Would this have comparable quantitative aspects to a systematic hedge fund?

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Feb 26, 2020

This won't have a comparable quantitative aspect to a hedge fund. it's a pure PE play. GSMB is probably the most competitive group to get into at GS. Historically, a position with them would be extremely coveted and unless you're rigid about your desire to work in a quant heavy role, you must definitely strong consider. On the other hand, 2 of the 3 heads of the division, Sumit Rajpal and Andrew Wolfe, have recently resigned due to their discontent with the CEOs vision. So things may be a little messed up right now.

Feb 26, 2020

Many thanks for the informative post. Considering I have a degree in engineering and a postgrad in mathematics and statistics, my edge is clearly in numerical and quantitative areas. Looking at Andrew Wolffe, he comes from law + business school. Would you not say I would be at a disadvantage considering what I have as an advantage is of little use. I might find it boring first before I'm at a disadvantage but still. How is pay? I can't say the hedge fund industry is in a great shape but what I can say is that hard work has been noticed and rewarded, not proportionally but to some degree.

Feb 26, 2020