GS vs Barcap (HC)

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I've got offers from both platforms. The GS opportunity is within thier WRA group in SF (across multiple industries but 50% of workflow is HC) and Barcap is within their HC group in NYC. I have 3yrs of HC experience prior to this and have an interest in the field.

Both have great cultures and represent unique opportunities. Any thoughts about two groups? Experiences, etc?


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Jun 7, 2014

Have you read all the news of potential changes at Barclays? Lots of big names have left, and the Brits don't seem interested in growing Barclays with an I-bank division.

Just something to consider. I also presume the GS name would never hurt if you decide to change your path later on.

Jun 7, 2014

As I understand it. The cuts are in fixed income and they plan to continue to focus on their coverage efforts. I do agree there is some headline risk.

GS certainly has the brand and strengths in M&A but wanted to see if anyone had experience with that group.

Jun 7, 2014

The cuts at Barclays are coming from non-core business lines, not traditional coverage and product investment banking groups. In fact, a good deal of the money saved from these cuts will be reinvested into the traditional investment banking division.

Jun 7, 2014

considering that several group heads have left in IB at Barcap, it's not a good sign. However I don't think it'll matter too much for you at the junior level

Jun 7, 2014

Since the turn of the year, Barclays has lost a cadre of prominent rainmakers: Ros Stephenson, Paul Parker, Skip McGee, and several others. I view this as a structural shift on the firm's part. I'd pursue the Goldman opportunity regardless, but in light of the recent attrition, I think this is an even clearer decision.

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Jun 7, 2014

From SF, you'll cover mostly Tech and HC (biotech). GS is much better than Barclays in both spaces. Only HC vertical where Barclays might be stronger is services (hospitals, etc.). Unless you are specifically interested in Healthcare Services side of things, go with GS.

Jun 12, 2014