Harvard vs. Stanford MBA for Investing Compensation (New HBS Employment Report)

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First off, this is in no way meant as trolling -- I'm genuinely curious to get thoughts.

HBS just released its 2017 employment report:

Stanford GSB hasn't released the latest yet but here is their 2016 (PAGE 6 OF PDF):

For all of the talk about HBS as the place to go for finance opportunities, it looks like GSB places the same percentage of their class into investing jobs as HBS and the total comp appears much higher for most of those jobs at GSB compared to HBS. If you go back and compare the last several years this seems to be consistent, so its not a recent anomaly. HBS only gives medians and doesn't even report any means, which would probably make them look even worse.

Why is this? I'm researching business schools and trying to figure out my rank order -- I'm interested in staying in PE and always thought HBS was the better bet (and when I look at employee profiles on firm websites it always seems to be mainly HBS grads), but looking at this employment data it looks like Stanford might be the better option if you can get in...I mean the comp numbers aren't even really close out of the two programs. Also guessing there are probably less people going for PE at Stanford compared to Harvard.

Any thoughts?