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this is my first post, and iwould to get insight from u guys on my current status and advise me what path should i follow to achieve m,y career goals

My Background:
i am working for a chartered accountants firm ( a member firm of PWC) in Pakistan for last three years and have een involved in audit tax assignemnts and also been involved in business process consultancy of commercial bank for last one year.
pass 2 levels of cfa and will sit for leel 3 next year.
aou to complete me chartered accountancy.

My career Objective:
i have had enuf of my current work and ultimately want to pursue a core finance career in London like investment bankng or asset management and finally i want to land into private equity. i am not only attracted by the attractive compensations in such careers but also i am (u can say) desperate to follow high level finance ( this is evidenced by the fact that i started my cfa when i had no idea of these big sums the finance jobs pay)

Please advise me what path should i follow, And specifically would cfa and chartered accountancy be enuf or i should look for further education from abroad. if yes then please advice me some schools which i should pursue.
I presonally aspire MIf from London business schools but would like to hear abt other options from the veterans here.

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Jul 1, 2008


Jul 1, 2008

plz someone attend this post too

Jul 1, 2008