help choose LAC and NESCAC colleges for IB/career in wall street

hey guys! 

so as a high school senior I'm considering the colleges below and hope to major in econ and minor in finance and really want to work in new york and as i'm from the west coast I wanted to know what the reputation these schools are and if these schools would help me land a career in new york/wall street: 

connecticut college (it's my top choice after my interview, i love how diverse it is and the pretty campus and just school culture/community) and heard they have good connections in MUFG in NY and just in finance in general from their info session but what's the reputation of this school like and any thoughts? I know it's not as high in rankings but do you think if i thrive in conn it will take me far after my 4 years and is it prestigious?

gettysburg college 

st lawrence universit in new york 

bowdoin college 

trinity college ct (heard they have lots of finance connections)

vassar college and 

franklin and marshall/dickinson ( i heard these schools are strong in business)

any information or opinion you have on these schools would really help me a lot and thank you so much -- as i can;t visit any of the campus any insight would mean a lot :) 

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May 20, 2021 - 1:11pm
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