Help choosing destination for student exchange

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Dear all,

I am a second-year student from the Netherlands. The educational system in the Netherlands is entire different from most other countries and I would like some tips on choosing a destination for my student exchange. A list of schools I am interested in are:

  • Boston College
    x Hunter College (New York)
    x Baruch College (New York)
    x The New School (New York)
    x Stevens Institute of Technology (New York)
  • University Of Maryland
  • Emory University
  • Warwick University (UK) [better than Nottingham and Birmingham, right?]
  • University of Washington
  • University of Virgina (does not allow economics courses)

My dream job would be an investment banker @ Wall street. If I am correct, all the universities I listed located in New York are quite bad (marked with an x). I am thinking of going to Boston College or Warwick. Beyond these options, some well known universities from Hongkong are also listed. I have no idea what to choose.