Help choosing ideal courses for a career in Real Estate Private Equity


I am interested in starting a career in Real Estate Private Equity (specializing in Hospitality). I currently work in hospitality development as a Business Development Manager and will be heading off to pursue my MBA in the fall. Upon graduation i will be seeking an analyst position in the Real Estate Investment Industry. Later in life, I would like to start my own Hospitality/Real Estate Private Equity company. Based on my future goals, I want to customize my program to take full advantage of the courses that would be ideal for making a switch into Real Estate Private Equity.

I know that I can discuss this in detail with counselors (which i will) and that you don't have any information about the specific material in each class, but if you can give quick suggestions based on the course names it would be greatly appreciated.

Out of the following, which 5 courses would be ideal and why?

The essence of enterprise
Income Property Finance
Computer applications for R.E. analysis
Real Estate Taxation
Real Estate Concepts
Income Property Appraisal
Commercial development and feasibility analysis
Income property investment
Real estate capital markets
Legal issues in Real Estate Capital Management
Advanced issues in ^RECM
RE Securities,/Syndications/Entrepreneurship
Management of Income Properties
Argus Financial Analysis
Sustainable Development
The Business of Real Estate
Risk Management: Insurance
Adv. Valuation & Report Writing

-Thanks in advance. Also any off subject constructive input would be awesome.

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum, out of my choices I'm guessing "Real Estate Epiphany" is the most relevant.

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Feb 11, 2013

I would say the Argus course is a must as the vast majority of REPE positions require Argus experience.

Other than that I would recommend taking the courses that interest you most. Another thing to consider is who teaches the courses. I always found those professors who are actively involved in the industry not only better prepare you for the real world application of the material but will also likely have more contacts in the industry that may be valuable when it comes to landing a job.

Feb 11, 2013


Thanks for your input. I am currently in the process of researching the professors also so hopefully that will help me narrow down the courses like you said.

Feb 12, 2013

1. Commercial development and feasibility analysis - this should assist in the initial decision making process
2. Real estate capital markets - you may need some money after you find a project that looks attractive
3. RE Securities,/Syndications/Entrepreneurship - Once you find some cash, you should learn creative ways to structure your investments
4. Management of Income Properties - Once your strcuture are built/acquired it wouldnt hurt knowing how to manage them
5. Adv. Valuation & Report Writing -

Real Estate Tax - you should have a tax guy on your team
Legal issues in Real Estate Capital Management - you shoul have a legal guy on your team
Argus Financial Analysis - You can buy the discounted student bundle ($500) and learn on your own

Feb 12, 2013


Thanks for the detailed response. I will definitely take those thoughts into consideration.

Feb 12, 2013

Yeah, see if you can get a discounted copy of Argus. Maybe your school has a license? My firm had copies of argus and the Khar/University manuals. I went from knowing nothing about it to being familiar with most of the functions in a week using those, I don't think you'll need to take a course on it. They'll probably go over debt and some of the other functions that nobody ever uses. Just focus on learning how to project the tenant-level cash flows.

Feb 12, 2013

No problem. ..When you say your a "Business Development Manager" do you mean you are in sales or actual ground up development/project managment

Feb 12, 2013