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Hey guys,
Just received 2 offers for IT Risk Consulting groups. One of em is with a Big 4, the other is a pretty new firm, but rapidly growing and well recognized as the legit members of a former Big 8(you should be able to figure it out) I am really having a hard time choosing, pay is similar, but culture is very different. Big 4 place is huge and seems like what typical corporate culture will be like. The smaller place only owns a floor in a building, however I would feel less like a number and more like a person. The environment was very friendly and promoting the worth of the people. My long term goals are to eventually get into a top business school. Both of these places would be in the corporate HQ, NYC.

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Dec 15, 2007

Is it a position right out of undergrad? or are you an expierienced hire?

Dec 17, 2007

straight out of undergrad. I have actually committed to the Big 4 firm recently. Declining the smaller shop turned out pretty awkward on the phone, but oh well, I was being as nice as I could be.

Dec 19, 2007