How did becoming wealthier affect your social life outside of dating?

I know some guys in here lucked out in the sense that they grew up in nicer areas but for those of us who weren't raised in private schools or upper middle class type of places, are more "new money", and started getting wealthier after college as our 20s progressed I would like to get inputs from.

It seems like a "social network" or social life is gifted to a lot of the kids who had wealthier parents and grew up in wealthier areas where a lot of their high school classmates went off to nice universities. These were also the same kids who went towards rushing fraternities in college and that was a big help to their social network without a doubt.

Many say it is tough to meet new friends and form new social circles (if any) after you graduate college and there is the whole stigma attached to making close friends with coworkers.

For the guys in here who started getting wealthy into their 20s, how did becoming wealthier affect your social life in regards to making new friends and finding a new circle of like minded people to be a part of?