How do I prepare for a TD Corporate Banking Super Day?

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I recently got accepted to TD Bank's Corporate and Specialty Banking Sophomore Program Super Day. The actual events consist of a welcome meeting and dinner at a restaurant on the 23rd and the Super Day on the 24th. The Super Day itself will consist of 3 interviews.

How should I best prepare for the Super Day and earlier events?

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Aug 17, 2018

Not sure how much they'll expect from you from a financial knowledge standpoint given you're a sophomore, but I assume you'll get some high level Finance 101 type stuff like:

If you could only have one financial statement to make a credit decision what would you choose?;
How would $10/$100/$1000000 of depreciation be reflected on each of the 3 stmts;

I imagine a lot of it will be fit, so dress sharp/shake hands firmly (look at their elbow when you're going in for contact and you'll never miss), and always be thinking about things you've done that separate you from the average candidate, they wont likely be finance related (but if you're in a finance club mention that).

ALSO: If you cant walk me through your resume without having it in front of you, I would suggest brushing up hard. Right now your resume is probably either barebones or filled with a lot of fluff, I know it, you know it, it's expected. but don't get caught unable to speak in detail to anything that's on there, and don't BS it.

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Aug 20, 2018

Thanks for the advice.

I agree with the possibility of it not be overly technical. A recruiter in our welcome webinar said the process would mostly consist of behavior questions.

Still, I'll brush up on the things you mentioned just in case.

Aug 20, 2018

Oh ok yea it'll absolutely be

Tell me about a time when you;

"failed to meet a deadline"
"did something incorrectly and had to rectify it"
"weakness/strengths stuff"

Just have a good story ready and you should be fine. Good Luck!

Aug 22, 2018


Oct 9, 2018