How does one become content with a normal life if they grew up thinking they were special?

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My boyfriend (now ex) broke up with me recently after a year because he's moving to Africa for a job (we're both based in London and he grew up here). I knew this was coming and feel very relieved and I wish him all the best. But I can't stop thinking about something he said to me, and the reason why he is moving.

Is this it?

I know he hasn't felt content with his life for many months and I have tried my best to make him happy. He thinks moving is a step closer to him finding the "next big thing" and somehow become rich out of it (which of course is possible).

However, his negative thought process has rubbed off on me and I'm starting to wonder whether I should make some sort of big adjustment to my life because going to work, coming home, same old shit is just... so normal. I always thought "I was special". I know this is very millennial thoughts. But I keep thinking that if I'm not making millions already (I'm 3 years out of university and I make IB $) then I'm a failure. At some point during his break up conversation he looks at me and asks "are you just going to do this?" as if life right now, the way it is, is just not good enough. If you are not taking a private jet then you are a nobody and one should always aspire to become a somebody.

Does anyone feel the same way? How can one feel content if they are not perhaps making millions, have their successful startups, on the Forbes "30 under 30" list etc., but are just normal, make way above average and live healthy / normal lives.