So I'm currently a junior at a non-target, want to go into IB. I'll be doing my second co-op at a small advisory firm. Will be working as a financial analyst, so I clearly have some work experience in Finance. Can anyone tell me how hard it would be to get into a MM or boutique firm with my credentials? I'm also part of the school's finance and investment club, the school's political club, and am a tour guide

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Non-target here with similar stats, broke into IB. Stats arent the problem, you need to network. Theres plenty of guides here on how to do that. From a non-target your chances are slim of getting into IB from the firms career page

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Thanks for the advice. Can I ask how you did your networking? As in, who did you network to and did you mostly reach out to BB or MM/Boutiques? Also, did you have to attend any conferences/networking sessions? Or was it mostly through cold calling/email?

Thanks again.


be better if you answered it here as everyone would be able to benefit from your experience


Networking will make you or break you.

Find out if there are any alumni from your school working at a MM in IB. Reach out to them. I advise trying to figure out their firm's email syntax and emailing them, don't PM on Linkedin (apparently bankers hate this, think its lazy).

Most people will be happy to meet for coffee. Just be a likeable person and they'll refer you to someone they work with ... and thats how you build your network. Next think you know, when recruiting season kicks off and you submit your resume, you've got 2-3 people rooting for you.


Btw networking usually only helps to get 1st rounds. 2nd rounds usually with D/MD level seniors ... and of course it'll be difficult to network with these guys, so at that point, it becomes up to your performance in the interview.


I had very similar credentials (same GPA, couple of finance internships) and got at FT MM IB offer through networking. If you're a junior you're in good shape - I networked all summer after junior year and landed interviews (though FT recruiting is way more competitive than SA).

Just reach out with a brief introduction (Mr. / Ms. for VP and above, first names for analysts / associates), "I'm interested in learning more about your time at [school], your current role, and [firm]". I found the most efficient method (which was still horribly tedious) was to have an email template you can cut and paste, and alter parts of it slightly to make it relevant to whoever you're emailing to get their attention.

Then on the phone, introduce yourself, touch on your path & experiences, explain your interest in IB (your "why IB" story in short form), and then have a series of questions prepared. I had a document of questions I would pull from that were applicable to most people I was speaking with, and I would spend 5-10 minutes reviewing their linkedin or other sources to come up with specific and tailored questions. Let them do a lot of the talking, and be as personable as possible because, ultimately, you want them to like you.

PM me if you want to know anything else.


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