How I can move from Financial Planning to Investment Banking? In South Africa or Overseas?

Hi There.

I'm a 27 year old Certified Financial Planner Practitioner from South Africa specializing in tax, investments (local and offshore) and cash flow management and have 2 years experience in entrepreneurship on the side with my own company. I've been working in the financial advisory industry for 4 years now consisting of 3 years with a reputable insurance firm Old Mutual Group and 1 year now as of November, with fully independent private wealth management firm. Currently studying to obtain my CFA and expectations to do my MBA afterwards. At the end of this year I've decided to leave the financial planning industry and attempt to apply to Investment banking for the reasons namely that to a certain extent my current knowledge and qualifications learnt are not being fully utilized in the field, reward for work trade off is currently quite bad and not worth my effort as I'm full commission based I work during the week from 8 until 8-9 in the evening seeing clients and planning sometimes even weekends, concerned that with further studies in CFA and MBA my qualifications will still not be utilized and end up being wasted, lastly not growing/challenged in my current industry.

Just would like to know your guys, whom have more experience, what your opinions and thoughts are? Whether to do investment banking in SA or Overseas like in the U.S?

Will be greatly appreciated.


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Nov 19, 2017