How is an upward trend in grades viewed when compared to cum. ugrad gpa?

I know that the admissions committee views the cumulative undergraduate gpa, but many of the top MBA programs such as Kellogg, Wharton, Harvard, Stanford and Sloan say that they do not look at the gpa in isolation. They look for trends of strengths or weaknesses in particular areas, as well as rigor of curriculum.

How much does the upward trend help an applicant.

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Holy christ how old are you again, like 19? Your about 10 years away from thinking about this. You cant plan your life out on paper.

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chill, I just wanted to know. I might not even go to business school. I wanted to see how much gpa plays a factor, that's all.


did you already screw up on your first year?


no, I didn't. I wouldn't call a 3.42 screwing up exactly.


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