How much do you learn as a 3rd year IB Analyst vs 3rd year PE Associate? (How common is a 3rd year in PE?)

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I plan to go to business school after 5 years of work experience. I'll be working 2 years in IB for sure starting in July, but am unsure if I want to recruit for PE this year or recruit as a second year.

Path 1: Recruit this year - 2 years in IB, potential for 3 years in PE (but might not get as great of an exit since I have no experience)

Path 2: Recruit next year - 3 years in IB, forced to do only 2 years in PE (if I want to get my MBA after 5 years work experience). Less time in PE but maybe a better exit since I'll have a year of deal experience.

My questions are:

  1. For PE firms that force you to get an MBA to get VP, how common is receiving a 3rd year offer? Very common or not so much? (If it's not that common then maybe I'd prefer to just do 3 years in banking rather than 2+2)
  2. Do you think spending 2 years in banking and 3 years in PE will provide significantly better learning opportunities than spending 3 years in banking and 2 years in PE?

Long term goal is definitely PE and will absolutely not return to banking or stay in banking past 3 years.

Thanks for the advice!