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I have a friend who is interested in breaking into the banking world. He's a senior at a top 40, but non-target school with a 3.35, solid extracirriculars, but the only experience he has is in sales for the past two or three summers. He is interested in a MM or boutique firm vs. a BB and maybe something in Chicago vs. NY.

Any tips on how he can go about finding MM & boutique full time jobs without banking/financial internship experience? I personally am unfamiliar with middle market firms and am curious if he has a solid chance of landing a FT job? Do they do recruiting in January and February for full-time?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Nov 28, 2007 - 5:40pm

First, FT recruiting is over this year. So, you'll most likely have to wait until next fall. Next, "your friend's" sub-3.5 GPA is going to be a big hurdle in getting an interview. Tell your friend to network like crazy for the next year and pray that someone likes him enough to give him an interview, but again, I think it's a long shot.

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