IB offer from offshore bank vs Big4 Audit Mgr gd progression at 3x currency in another country

So if you have an offer for a boutique investment bank. If you look at buck to buck comparison excluding currency conversion, its high. But if all on USD-terms comparison, post conversion currency-wise, its lower, maybe 2.5 times lower than below option in Big4 audit.


A Big 4 Audit Manager career which offers say USD, currency 3x a local currency. How would the cost-benefits analysis plays out?

Consider maybe better career progression but within the realm of audit or professional services. Don't discuss lateral transfer & aim to go back to IB. Think maybe lateral transfers to other division in Big4 maybe a partner track 10- 15 years.

Please share thoughts.

Will option boutique IB win, hands down, no fcking reasoning needed? Or, this Big4 career works since it pays you in strong currency at maybe 3x another currency or more. Will these financial scales tip it to be biased & IB is not the definitive winning contender in this case?

What would you take on & why.

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