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Hello! I'm a rising senior at a target school interested in management consulting. I'm currently doing a remote boutique internship and planning to continue it through the end of the summer. I'm hoping to apply to larger firms in the fall through my school's recruiting program and then also online job portals.

I'd really appreciate any advice on how to best position myself for this process. I've recently joined a consulting club at my school, started a business research assistant position, and have started doing case prep/informational interviews.

Thanks so much!

Existing employees of a firm can essentially 'recommend' you as a good candidate to be interviewed. This is called a referral, and the exact process varies from something as informal as just telling recruiters to keep an eye out for your application, to something more formal where you'll get a special link to apply as a referred candidate.

Most consulting firms tend to take referrals seriously, and referrals from more senior employees generally carry more weight. However, more senior people are also less likely to have the time/inclination to network with you, so you have to balance that out a little bit.

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Seconding this as someone who had interviews at all three MBBs this fall (at a semi-target) and will be starting full-time at one in a few months. Reach out to alumni of your school and set up time to chat with them. I got an interview on the basis of one networking call with one person I'd never met because she referred me after our conversation. Not that every person you reach out to from a cold lead will refer you (or even respond to your email), but you only need 1-2 solid connections to get the interview if you're at a target and have a good resume otherwise.


Thanks for sharing. I'm at a target and plan to reach out to alums soon - I'm wondering how and at what point did you end up with the referral? Should I directly ask about a referral, or is that not appropriate?


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