Hi guys, i'm increasingly becoming more and more interested in the infrastructure space, especially when it comes to careers within Canada and know that the pension funds within Canada are becoming larger investors in this space. I can find a lot of information about OTPP and CPPIB but was wondering if anyone has any insights into CDPQ and PSP's infrastructure team when it comes to culture, hours, reputation, pay, etc...

Any information is really appreciated. Thanks!

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I went through the recruiting process for PSP and I think the team was very friendly and welcoming. I spoke to someone on the team who said the hours are long since its apparently the group that tends to grind the most. As far as investment goes, they tend to partner with other players in the space on some big deals (look up Cubico, an investment they made with OTPP), so they do have a fair reputation in the space.
Since its a pension fund, pay isnt a strong selling point. One really interesting thing I understood about them is that the Infra team tends to hire summer analysts as full-times if the current headcount permits.


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